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Look Good. Feel Good. Give Back.

Daisy's Dog Collars - Who We are

Welcome to Daisy’s Dog collars – your #1 pet store for original seashell dog collars. Our brand is brought to you by a husband and wife duo with a deep love for animals. We have a passion for rescuing pets in need and wildlife rehabilitation. Our best friend, Daisy, is the motivation behind our brand and keeps us inspired to offer the best possible products for pet lovers like us.

When you purchase our unique dog collars, we donate “Five Dollars per Collar” and part of the proceeds to various animal rescues and shelters. So you and your furry best friend can look good, feel good, and give back today with the purchase of one of our beautiful, long-lasting, fancy dog collars. Join us today in making a positive impact on the lives of rescue and shelter pets. Learn more about our initiative here.

What We Do

Daisy’s Dog Collars is committed to offering high-quality pet collars. We provide original dog collars that are made to last. In addition, we are the first brand in the US to make dog collars with seashells, so our products are patented. Your furry companion can rock our novelty collars when playing fetch, going on walks, swimming, or snuggling on the couch. You can rely on our exceptional collars to stay comfy, safe and stylish no matter the occasion.

Eco-friendly Seashell Collars

At Daisy’s Dog Collars, we are committed to creating dog collars in an environmentally friendly manner. All our products are handmade and 100% made from natural materials. We handcraft our novelty dog collars with the highest quality materials to ensure they serve you and your best friend as long as you want. We strongly believe these small acts of reducing the world’s carbon footprint will go a long way in making our planet safer for future generations of pets and their wonderful owners.

Why Daisy's Dog Collars?

We are the only brand in the US making original, all-natural, handcrafted seashell collars. Our novelty dog collars are renowned for their premium quality, extra comfort, stylish design, and optimized fit. Daisy’s fancy dog collars come in different colors, and sizes and are all built to last you for a lifetime. What’s more, when you purchase our products, you are helping homeless, and neglected dogs find loving owners. Thanks for taking the time to get to know about our brand. Start exploring our shop now to find the perfect novelty seashell collars for your dog.

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